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Spring is Here, Summer is Coming, But We’re Layering Up and So Should You!

Spring is Here, Summer is Coming, But We’re Layering Up and So Should You!

Posted by Cut + Clarity on Apr 4th 2019

Layered earrings and necklaces have been consistently showing up on the runways and the streets the past few seasons. This trend will be sticking around for 2019.

Strutting down the runway you can catch layered looks ranging from minimalist to statement pieces. Simply by adding a few of your favorite personalized jewelry pieces you can achieve the layered look.

For earrings a great starting point to add to your wardrobe would be our Trinity Earrings as they can easily be mixed-and-matched. If you’re looking for a bit of fun check out our GRL PWR Earrings.

Our Mini Name Necklace and Boobs Necklace are great starting points for necklace layering options, as they have adjustable lengths. You can truly customize your layers without tangling up your chains.

But why stop there when you can add our Classic Ring to add some extra bling to your stacks, or our Knife Edge Cuff to your wrist collection. 

To see more inspiration check out the rest of the article:

“Customers (even conservative ones) have curiosity and interest in seeing multiple piercings and find it easy to experiment [with], one additional piercing at a time,” says Teichman. Tash agrees: "Layering jewelry above multiple piercings going up the ear in a second row, or staggered in between old piercings creates a fresh, deliberate effect," she says.. (read more)

fe008.jpggrl-pwrx350.jpgcustom-name-necklace-for-her.jpg  gold-cuff-bracelet.jpgClassic Ringfeminist-necklace.jpg

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