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Rising Earring

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Rising Earring

Just as the moon in the sky rules over the nighttime and all that hides there, so does your moon sign — it relates to the private, emotional and beneath-the-surface parts of your personality.

As a Rising Aries you don’t like to beat around the bush.  You are  straight-forward + don't like waiting on anyone or anything. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, you've got this!

As a Rising Taurus you are perceived as very gentile + the perfect friend.  Everyone wants you on their side.  Even if you're brutally honest at times, you are the person they need.  Remember people are drawn to you + treat them all lovingly + with respect. 

With Gemini in your Rising House you love excitement. Being in the exact same place every day gets annoying + tiresome.  You enjoy places where people are coming + going like a revolving door.  You are a mixture of stubborn + overly caring and this can hurt you at times.  Make sure to make time for you.

Cancer in your Rising House has you coming across as confident + honest to those around you - don't forget or take advantage of this.  Even if you don't make a major impact immediately, you tend to capture everyone's attention by the end of the day.  Still, you're very emotional in many of your decisions, even if you don't realize it.  

Leo as a your Rising House means you are not as intense as if you have a Leo Sun.  You are an incredibly kind person who gives your heart to everyone.  Putting your friends first is very important, but putting yourself first will help you improve your relationships.

As a Virgo Rising, you are very aware of what your body is telling you.  You tend to want to take great care of your body + notice if something is off.  Listen to your body + try not to worry so much.

Being a Rising Libra means you love to have a lot of people in your tribe, but only will consider a few close friends.  Balance is important in your life, + you probably forget to actually take time for yourself + relax.  Self care is key.

A Scorpio Rising means you may be someone that easily intimidates others.  You may take others reactions a little personally, but remember that letting others in + learning more about each other is how the best relationships are formed. 

As a Rising Sagittarius, you are always on the hunt for the next adventure, + have a lot to say.  Although you are very opinionated, make sure to take time to listen to others as well + keep an open mind.

With Capricorn in your Rising House, you tend to come off as very  serious.  People may be intimated by your demeanor.  You tend to be very responsible for yourself + those around you, but that may make you worry about everyone a little too much.  Don't forget to take a breath + enjoy the ride.

As an Aquarius Rising you are free-spirited, but absolutely look into the future.  You tend to slip out of social situations without saying goodbye, as you don't like the pressure or emotion of "goodbye." Don't be surprised if you find yourself suddenly changing your mind on big decisions though, it just comes with the water. 

As a Pisces Rising supporting others is very important to you.  You may be easy to talk over, but don't get frustrated.  The love + support you give others is immeasurable + you are in tuned with all those around you.


The Connecting Elements:

Solid 14K Yellow, Rose or White Gold
Available as a charm, on a necklace, bracelet or an earring
Perfect to stack with your Moon + Rising signs.

Designed + made with love in NYC

Custom Jewelry


Ships in 7-10 Business Days


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