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Sun Earring

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Taurus Sun on Black Enamel Hoop

Just as the sun is the center of our solar system and the root of life on Earth, your sun sign represents the center of you, the core of who you are. 

With your Sun in Aries, you are passionate in everything you do.  You are naturally direct + need constant action in your life or you get bored.  Harness your passion + don't let other's judgement hurt your independence

Your Sun in Taurus shows that you are good at creating + are drawn to new beginnings.  Just like the blooming flowers in spring, you love to + need to be nurtured + inspired by that which is around you.  Surround yourself with people + things that make you happy.

As a Gemini, you are never going to be satisfied with doing nothing.  You need constant change + crave new adventure.  Remember that not everyone thinks + moves as quickly as you, + make sure you spend time slowing down.

With your Sun in Cancer, you often find yourself craving time at home.  This doesn't mean you don't need attention + interaction, but you also need time to yourself.  Don't let this natural inclination drive you to only stay in, + remember you are born to create deep relationships with those around you. 

Like the mighty Lion, you draw attention + have a big personality.  You build your life directly from your heart, + are proud of your accomplishments.  Remember that just because someone isn't on your level doesn't mean they don't deserve your attention. 

As a Virgo, you probably find yourself often being satisfied in routine.  Small acts mean a lot to you but you still tend to keep your standards high.  It is important to not get stuck with simple satisfaction, + helping others can assist you with getting out of your comfort zone + increase your joy.

With you Sun in Libra, you crave balance in all aspects of life.  When you meet people, you search for connections + are experts at reading others.  Although you are social + desire adventure, remember some things require work.

As if you didn't already know this, as a Scorpio, you are an intense person.  Some may mistake this trait for b*tciness, but really, you are a great listener who truly puts pride + time into friendship.  Remember, it is natural for you to have dark feelings, but that just shows you have passion for life + those around you.

As a Sagittarius, you are full of love + light to those around you.  You love adventure, + creating relationships wherever you go.  Although easy-going, sometimes you will have sudden bursts of anger.  Remember to take a deep breath + enjoy the journey.

Your Sun being in Capricorn often encourages success in many aspects of life.  What you put your mind to, you will accomplish.  Naturally mature, you are self-motivated.  Be sure to not let the pressures of success get in the way of your family + friends, as they are were you will find strength + solace.

With your Sun in Aquarius, you have little trouble thinking clearly.  When people come to you for advice, just like the Water-Bearer, you are able to nature them.  Getting fixed on little details isn't terribly rare for you, + may hurt your ability on creating deep friendships.

Pisces, like they fish can sometimes be hard to pin down.  In fact, you may feel that about your own personality + abilities as you are multi-talented.  Still, if you put your mind to sometime, you will be able to master it with just a little effort.

The Connecting Elements:
Solid 14K Yellow Gold
White + Black Enamel Options
Sold as a Single Earring

Designed + made with love in NYC
Custom Jewelry

Ships in 7-10 Business Days

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