Orders and Payment

Will I be charged Sales Tax?

Yes, by law we have to charge the appropriate amount based on the state in which the package will be delivered.

What forms of payments do you accept?

All major credit cards, Amazon Pay and Paypal

Can I place a custom order?

Yes! Here at Cut and Clarity we believe that your custom jewelry should represent YOU! If you have an idea, please email us at jewelry@cutandclarity.co to discuss!

Can I purchase a piece as a gift or send a gift card?

Yes! Let us know at the time of purchase if this is a gift. We will wrap and include a customized, handwritten note.


What ring size am I?

Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will find an image with instructions that you can print out.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us atjewelry@cutandclarity.co

Do your necklaces come in different lengths?

Yes. Most of our necklaces come in two different adjustable sizes, 14-16” and 16-18”. Need a different size? Contact us: jewelry@cutandclarity.co

Do your personalized bracelets come in different lengths?

Yes. We have two options - 6-7” and 7-8” with an additional jump ring for a more versatile fit. Need a different size? Contact us: jewelry@cutandclarity.co

Jewelry Care and Repair

What happens if my jewelry breaks?

Your Cut and Clarity purchase comes with a forever guarantee. Our jewelry is made from the highest quality materials, but we understand that mistakes happen and wear and tear comes naturally with everyday pieces.


Add custom gold jewelry last when dressing

Store carefully in jewelry pouch for safekeeping and to avoid tangling

Be careful while handling

Mix and match!


Wear jewelry while you are working out, cleaning or washing

Wear necklaces while sleeping (to avoid tangling or snapping)

Allow perfume, lotions, hairspray or cosmetics to come in contact with jewelry

Let jewelry touch harsh chemicals or cleaners

How should I care for and store my jewelry?

Your gold and diamonds can be cleaned with a gentle combination of warm water and dish soap.

Keep it in the soft pouch when not in use

I lost an earring. Can I purchase just one?

Lucky for you, most of our earrings are sold as single pieces already! If you are looking to replace a name earring, email us at jewelry@cutandclarity.co to discuss.

Our Jewelry

What materials are your pieces made out of?

All of our pieces are made of solid 14K gold.

Our chains are diamond cut for an all day sparkle

Are your diamonds conflict free?


What is the quality of your stones?

VS-SI Colorless Diamonds

Why is Cut and Clarity so affordable?

Here at Cut and Clarity, it is our mission to get you the highest quality pieces for the lowest price. To do so, we eliminate any third-party costs by working closely with factories we have made a lasting relationship with. By selling directly to you we don’t have to inflate our prices like other sellers!

Other Things to Mention?

I want to give the gift of customization, what's the best method to do this?

We offergift cardson our site, but feel free to reach out and we can come up with endless possibilities

Still have questions?Contact us