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“I like to live spontaneously”



When Founder of Cut + Clarity, Mariana, met Jennuine, it felt like nothing short of a divine encounter.  Mariana shares her experience:

I was walking through the Subway, about to head to the Diamond District, when - on the opposite platform - there was THIS VOICE.  It was angelic, it was warm and inviting, nostalgic and tender and it pulled me right towards it.  There, I first saw Lizzie; adorable and fully self aware of her five-year-old self, watching the woman that the voice was coming from.

I was overcome and had to know her.

The first time we hung out, it was just like when you see an old friend whose friendship is that perfect fit and allows you to pick up right where you left off.  We talked about being moms, skincare, boys and how our natal charts affect how we see the world and the world sees us.  

And that's when it started. We immediately were brainstorming and talking about a new collection. One that takes the fact that everyone is as different as the stars themselves, and shows just how everyone's stars align.

Jennuine's soul and connectivity to the world around her is beautiful. She is open and creates possibilities with her openness. Watch the video to see more.

Read below and see how Jennuine is #UndeniablyInTuned

JENNUINE @jennyouen

C+C:  How did being featured on Humans of New York impact you?
Jennuine: Being featured there validated my experience, not only as a creative, but as a mother, in many ways.  Because, I not only birthed a child but I birth dreams, and I birthed experiences and I birthed so many emotions within myself.  

C+C:   What is the best decision you ever made?
Jennuine:  The best decision I've ever made was to be stubborn.  Because, from a young age I never let anyone define me.  I've always just defined myself through experience and through listening to myself.

C+C:   What was a life experience that helped shape you?
Jennuine:  Having patience and I acquired that through my pregnancy.  Being so sick for such a long time, I had an unlimited amount of patience because I never wanted my daughter to feel like any of my illnesses [were] her fault.  Because fetuses can feel that, they can feel that energy.

C+C:   When or where have you been the happiest?
Jennuine:  There are so many different colors of happiness!

C+C:  What advice would you give your younger self?
Jennuine:   To always listen to myself.  Even though I did do that, there are certain voices in my head - you know, being bipolar always in my life I never understood why there were so many polarities.  And so I was always mad at myself for that and held so much resentment, 'cause I felt like nobody really understood me, nobody really was on the same wave as me.  And growing up I had to understand that was okay.

C+C:   Fill in the blank "I am ___________ enough!"
Jennuine:   Wise.