The Fashion Spot on Mismatched Earrings

It's a little intimidating when you first start mixing and matching your earrings.  You don't want to over-do it, but also it's so easy to under-do it. 

To make it easier on you, we sell most of our earrings individually!  This allows you to experiment without having to feel like you've wasted money on two earrings when you only wanted one.  Try starting out with the same color of gold if you're feeling hesitant and continue to experiment.  We can any custom earrings you can imagine.  Dainty earrings, minimalist earrings, real gold hoop earring...anything!  That's the power of personalized jewelry.

However you decide to style your earrings, wear them with confidence and you will look amazing!

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Mismatched earrings are everywhere, from the Grammy Awards red carpet to Bella Hadid’s errand runs. But it’s a trend that is easier said than done. Teaming the right pair of mismatched earrings is a total art. (read more)