Frequently Asked Questions

Our focus is currently on 10K - 24K solid gold. For platinum and silver pieces, we work case by case. If you are interested in selling your platinum or silver pieces, please email us and we will be in touch!

Look for a gold stamp by the closure or on the largest part of the item. The stamp will have either a capital "K" to represent the Karat or it will have the gold purity in numeral form. For example: 585 for 14K or 750 for 18K. See chart below for details. Kat finds 14K stamp on her grandmother's old charm

The word Karat is defined as the measure of the purity of gold with 24K being pure gold. Because gold is a soft metal, gold jewelry is mixed with other alloys to give it integrity for jewelry making purposes and color i.e pink and white gold. Since the alloys are not gold, it reduces the purity and therefore it is marked as such.

We use traditional gold testing solvents which determine gold purity starting as low as 10K. This process for testing the gold requires testing a sample of the material on a gold testing stone and creating a reaction with different solutions. The solution that does not dissolve the sample signifies that specific gold's karat.

Once we confirm the karat (purity) of your gold, we will group your pieces and weigh them. The value of your items is determined by the London Fix times the weight of your gold. Ex: If you have 10 grams of 14K and 14K is valued at $30 x gram of scrap, your payout will be $300.00.

Jewelry that is pre-owned generally will have mountings or soldering that is either a lower karat or not solid gold. Repairs and resizing may also cause different metals to be incorporated. In addition, oxidation from years of love and wear and tear affects the amount of fine metal that is able to be recycled. "Scrapping" is the technical term used to separate gold from the other alloys once it is melted down or "scrapped" for recycling purposes.

YES. As long as it is gold, we will pay you for your jewelry no matter what condition it is in - old or new.

We are currently not buying stones. If any of your stones have sentimental value or you feel it has monetary of value, we suggest you taking it to a local jeweler to attempt removal. If you have questions about your stones and stone removal, please send us a separate email so we can address this directly.

We will email or text you a video of us opening your gold and showing you the inventory of all pieces we receive.

Because of our limited bandwidth, we will not return any non-precious metals.

You will be able to choose between PayPal or a check for the full gold value. Or, choose a Cut + Clarity gift card filled with 110% of your gold value.

No problem! We will organize a shipping label and send the pieces back to you. Please note you will have to cover the cost of shipping.

Combined, our gold buying team has over 50 years of experience under their belt. Being based in NYC's Historic Diamond District means that we have over a hundred years of experience behind us and in the center of one of the top five jewelry districts in the world with access to sophisticated equipment and processing facilities. We want to ensure you feel comfortable with us buying your gold, which is why we send you videos of us opening your jewelry, and we give you an offer before we sell.


How Ana Used the C+C Gold Buyback Program to Honor Her Mother:

She didn’t want to sell all of her late mother’s pieces, but was unsure what she should recycle and what she should restore.

We discussed sentimental vs monetary value via a virtual consult. Our consulting is always free.

We decided to restore the rings which included her late mother’s antique engagement ring.


While we completed the restoration, she received a $400 check from us for the broken gold we recycled.

We sourced antique diamonds from the same era as the ring to bring the piece to it’s full glory.

“Being based in NYC’s Historic Diamond District gives us access to over a hundred years of expertise.” – Mariana Russo Chambers, Cut + Clarity Founder