Let's talk about Sustainability in the Jewelry Industry C+C

Cut + Clarity buys back old 14k solid gold jewelry and repurpose it into pieces that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Our luxury jewelry company takes a sustainable approach to curating the perfect custom jewelry piece of recycled gold for you.  It’s how we limit waste!  Old jewelry? You can count on us to revive it, redesign it or recycle it for you. Show us your old jewelry because you can walk away with:

Why do we do this? Here are some quick jewelry waste from mining facts:

  • It takes 20 tons of waste to produce a gold ring. 
  • Large carbon footprint from heavy machinery
  • The 180 million tons of toxic waste produced, usually a gray liquid sludge, is laden with cyanide and toxic heavy metals and are dumped directly into natural bodies of water.
“This problem has encouraged local artisans and brands are now looking into the impact that the industry has on both the environment and the community, and offering eco-friendly alternatives.

There is an upcoming generation who wants to understand the story behind what they are purchasing and who it is affecting. This has opened a creative space of opportunity for sustainable jewelry brands who have a plan for a better future to launch their ethical collections” 

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