It’s no surprise that jewelry can make us feel beautiful and confident, and help us mark that special moment in time. Whether you accessorize for work, or a special occasion, or are creating a special piece to share your story, jewelry is the perfect treasure and will elevate any outfit. Unfortunately, jewelry can sometimes be challenging to put on and take off and is extra difficult for people with disabilities. Our mission at C+C is to share stories of amazing people and show how our differences are our strengths.  So of course, when I met Stephanie Thomas @disabilityfashionstylist, who styles Hollywood’s disabled community, I had to dig deep into the challenges that jewelry creates for disabled folks and see how we at Cut + Clarity can address that.


Accessible Jewelry Designs

What is Accessible Jewelry?

Accessible jewelry is designed to be easy to put on and take off, making it ideal for people with disabilities or mobility issues. Accessible jewelry also tends to be lighter and less cumbersome than traditional jewelry, which is helpful to people who use mobility aids. This is why we teamed up with Stephanie Thomas⎯ a stylist for people with disabilities⎯and a congenital amputee born with missing digits, to create jewelry for the disability community. From this collaboration, a line of adaptive jewelry called Disabled + Stylish was born! What makes our jewelry accessible is that we created sliding-ball clasps and chains that slip over your head, so there’s no more struggling with tiny lobster clasps. Disabled + Stylish is a permanent collection, and we’re always adding new designs throughout the year, so keep checking back for more designs.


Why is Accessible Jewelry Important?

Fashion is for everyone and everybody must have equal access to it, regardless of ability. Accessible jewelry allows people with disabilities to express themselves through fashion and accessorize like everyone else can. It also promotes inclusivity and celebrates the diversity of people's abilities.


Accessible Jewelry Designs

Accessible jewelry comes in many designs from necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, to rings⎯we have all of these in our Disabled + Stylish collection. Check out the beautiful pieces we have in this collection.








See what jewelry industry leader, Rapaport Jewelry Magazine had to say about our collaboration.


Mariana Russo Chambers, founder of Cut + Clarity was looking at Instagram one day when she came across Stephanie Thomas who is a stylist for people with disabilities, and a congenital amputee born with missing digits. Russo Chambers connected with her story and reached out to her, and they have developed a friendship as well as collaborated on a line of adaptive jewelry called Disabled + Stylish. Using the patented Accessible, Smart, Fashionable system that Thomas’s Cur8able styling consultancy had developed, “we thought about ways to make jewelry with the disabled community front and center,” explains Russo Chambers. “The disabled community is not a monolith; it would be impossible to design for all types of disabilities. So we took Stephanie’s difficulty in dressing herself and her clients — because she is missing a thumb — as our primary focus.”

 accessible jewelry


Making it easier for people with disabilities to wear our jewelry, we created sliding-ball clasps and chains that slip over the head so there’s no more struggling with tiny lobster clasps. Thomas “challenged me to design a hand chain that she could put on easily, and after many iterations, our Accessible Handchain was born and became our best seller.” Now Disabled + Stylish is a permanent collection, adding new designs throughout the year.


“Working with Stephanie has changed how I look at fashion, jewelry design, and the industry as a whole,” she says. “According to [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)], one in four adults in the US is living with a disability, but very few brands are addressing their needs. I am proud not to be part of that herd.”


It’s imperative to engage in meaningful discussions surrounding disability inclusion within the jewelry industry. The immense talent within the disabled community should not be overlooked or underestimated. It’s time for the industry to create more inclusive spaces and cater to the unique needs and aspirations of individuals with disabilities.

 accessible jewelry


We hope you enjoy this collection of inclusive jewelry that we curated so that everyone can look beautiful and feel special! Contact us if you have any questions about our accessible jewelry at