“My daughter, C+C, and the boobs necklace all came into this world simultaneously. As a woman, everyone wants to control and judge what we do with our bodies (especially Latina women!). The Boobs Necklace is a stand for women having full control of who we are and who we want to be without fear of being judged and regulated.” - Cut + Clarity Founder, Mariana Russo Chambers, C+C’s 2021 Summer Issue
It's National Breastfeeding Week so let's talk about boobs.
"Yes, breasts have become a sexualized commodity, and profit-hungry companies will use them for all they are worth." Our breasts have been censored, banned, and scrutinized on social media. The last image in this post appeared on the front cover of a popular fashion magazine and received much controversy. Unfortunately, due to the over-sexualization of breasts, even breastfeeding has become sexualized. "Countless breastfeeding mothers around the world are forced to deal with the anxiety and challenges of nurturing and nourishing their babies outside of the safety and privacy of their own homes on a daily basis." Cut + Clarity created the boobs necklace to embrace the beauty and power they hold despite the stigma that Western society created. Stop apologizing for breastfeeding in public, own it; it is beautiful.

Feminist Necklaces
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