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As an immigrant from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cut + Clarity founder Mariana Russo Chambers lives out passion and tradition in every aspect of her life.   
Growing up, Mariana saw her parents’ hard work and dedication to improving their lives and she used these values as the building blocks of her life and her career.  
After 15+ years working in the jewelry business with world-leading designers and artisans, Mariana observed ways to modernize the antiquated parts of the industry while simultaneously keeping with time-honored practices of craftsmanship, value and personalization.   
In short, Mariana wanted to breathe new life into New York City’s Diamond District - a community near and dear to her heart maintained by a tradition of immigrant craftsmen with hundreds of years of expertise, and so Cut + Clarity was born.  
The goal of Cut + Clarity is clear: Focus on people; those who want beautifully crafted products and the artisans who make it.  No excess inventory, no middle-men - just the customer and jeweler, like in the olden days.  
Cut + Clarity demystifies fine jewelry so that the customer can access high-quality, personalized pieces from the finest artisans at a fraction of the price.  Working with some of the world’s best makers, C+C creates a vehicle for customers to design and personalize their pieces and yet, that’s just the beginning of the customer’s journey.  Obsessed with the process and the artisans, C+C peels back the curtains on how jewelry is made, and customers are sent real-time production updates with images of their pieces being created and why we chose that specific production method.    
Our commitment to community and sustainability are at the forefront of Cut + Clarity’s mission to create beautifully crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry at a fraction of the price.  With recycled solid gold, ethically sourced stones and labor, C+C is hellbent on creating products that are good for the environment, our communities and for you.
Mariana Russo Chambers
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