#ccboss misshattan

Natalie Amrossi


“I like to live spontaneously”



It was the morning after an all-night photoshoot for a major car company.  Natalie was at JP Morgan working and all she could think about were those photos she had just finished taking.  She didn’t have her camera, there were edits to be done and she wanted to do them right then. She couldn’t wait.  The overwhelming urge to work on her passion project couldn’t wait any longer. She got up, methodically walked over to her supervisor and said “I quit."



Being a woman navigating the NYC finance world was one thing, now she dove head first and was about to experience a whole new world of male executives, clients and other photographers.  Natalie, didn’t know if she would succeed, but she knew dedicating her life to photography was what she needed to do.


Misshattan is now synonymous with aerial NYC photography.  Her work has been featured all over the city and the world for clients ranging from Jaguar to entire countries.  The adventurous woman who left JP Morgan and never looked back is one of the best known aerial photographers in the world.


During a recent short stop in NYC, she took the time to be on the other side of the lens for a photoshoot and interview with Cut + Clarity.  As one of the first people to receive our Mini Name Necklace, we love that Misshattan is forever a #CCboss.
Read below and see how Natalie is  #UndeniablyAdventurous




C+C:   What is the best decision you ever made?
Misshattan:  The best decision I have ever made was to leave my full-time job at JP Morgan to pursue my photography career
C+C:   What is the worst decision you ever made?
Misshattan:  Not always giving myself the focus and attention i need for what i'm passionate about. i've always been preoccupied in either a relationship or work or something else.
C+C:   When or where have you been the happiest?
Misshattan:  I am definitely happiest right now mainly because I get to travel and meet so many incredible people.

C+C:  What advice would you give your younger self?
Misshattan:   Keep trying don't stop - the more you try the more you will make.

C+C:   Fill in the blank "I am ___________ enough!"
Misshattan:   Good enough.