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INNOVATION                TRANSPARENCY                  COMMUNITY
Current jewelry brands ask you to pay a perceived price for an item that was made with the cheapest production methods because the system is broken.  For over 15 years our founder, Mariana Russo Chambers (MRC), has created efficient methods of sourcing + production for world-renowned brands.  It was evident that like fashion, the jewelry supply chain was and is broken.  Suppliers are squeezed, customers get less than what they pay for and the brand is left hard up for cash and with an overstock of goods they can’t sell. 





We’re experts. 
Years spent working with a broken supply chain that breeds excess and waste is why we revised the system.   Instead of producing and hoping to sell, we let you customize your designs to create exactly what you want. 
Using technologies like 3D printing + laser cutting, we enhance the production efficiencies + deliver expertly made pieces at a fraction of the cost with zero waste.  We bring the custom jewelry experience to you produced in the NYC Diamond District alongside industry leaders like Tiffany, Harry Winston + Cartier 






It’s a beautiful thing! 
By allowing our technology and our jewelers to each do what they do best, we can focus on revising the entire fine jewelry experience as you know it. 
Our mamas taught us to see things through. 
We are obsessed with how jewelry is made and want to share our obsession with you.  We will send you key updates of the process and you get a sneak peak of how your piece comes to life at the hands of our jewelers.  





We don’t skimp out on you or our makers. 
Each piece we make employs 5 - 8 jewelers in the NYC Diamond District.  Our product is made with 100’s of years of combined jewelry expertise + traditions.  We have access not only to top jewelers, but also great accessibility to raw materials.  This translates to real value for your money and lets you focus on what really matters - recycled gold, ethically sourced stones + supporting people.