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simone fide


“life begins at the edge of your comfort zone."




Growing up biracial in a traditional southern town like New Orleans, Simone never felt she truly belonged.  Finally, comfortable and in her groove when in High School, Hurricane Katrina hits and decimated her once safe place.   Flooding her home with over 8 feet of water, Simone and her family are forced to move to Birmingham Alabama and like many others, forced to leave all their comforts and belongings behind.


The feeling of being an outlier was magnified even more… [Birmingham is] just more racially divided.  I grew up understanding people are comfortable with what they know and don’t have any desire to operate outside of that.  Perhaps my purpose in being in those situations is to show people something else. Even if for a small moment in time”


These discomforts and struggles are part of Simone’s journey and have continually pushed her to be the best version of herself. Instead of retreating, Simone, unafraid of what lurks around the corner, has harnessed her power and owned her discomfort. 


Read below our interview and see why Simone is #UndeniablyUnafraid 



C+C:   One word to best describe you? 
Simone:  Invested.  Invested in my friends, family and the things that I do.
C+C:   What is the best decision you ever made? 
Simone:   I had the opportunity to spend a month in Bali last summer. This was definitely a pivotal moment in my life coming off of a family tragedy and not knowing if I was going to stay in New York. I find that traveling alone is one of the most exhilarating and special experiences you can have. It allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, face challenges head on, and really reflect on the kind of woman I am and want to be.  
C+C:   What is the worst decision you ever made? 
Simone: Not taking more risk and traveling more while I was younger out of fear of not using my time wisely.  As I got older I realized that traveling is the greatest gift and one of the most amazing experiences you could ever give yourself.
C+C:   When/where have you been the happiest?
Simone: "..work and art are and should be intrinsically linked ways of life. I’m happiest when successfully living that mantra."
C+C:  What advice would you give your younger self?
Simone:   Don’t invest in people that don’t invest in you.
C+C:   Fill in the blank "I am ___________ enough!"  
Simone:  EMPOWERED Enough