The March Issue

Cut + Clarity x The Jacqueline Rush Foundation

About the Jacqueline Rush Foundation 

The Jacqueline Rush Foundation’s vision is to make meaningful impact as a Lynch Syndrome research funding source through ongoing individual and corporate donations. March is National Colorectal Cancer Month and March 22 is National Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day.

Those with Lynch Syndrome have an 80% more likely chance of developing CRC.

Estimated number of people living in the U.S. with Lynch Syndrome.

Are unaware they are living with
Lynch Syndrome.

The Cheeky Necklace

In support of CRC + Lynch awareness, C+C was commissioned to design a piece that is light hearted and fun and draws attention to the seriousness of Lynch Syndrome. The Cheeky Necklace is on our site and 25% of proceeds will benefit the Jacqueline Rush Foundation.

The necklace can be purchased here.

Elizabeth Ryan and Mother

Elizabeth Ryan (pictured here with her mother), a colorectal cancer survivor at 29, commissioned the necklace to celebrate being “cancer-free” for one year and to destigmatize the conversation around CRC. Elizabeth + her mother proudly wear the original necklace as a talisman and to help spread awareness.

Barbara Majeski

Barbara Majeski, nationally recognized TV persona, lifestyle expert, cancer survivor and mother of three, proudlly dons the Cheeky Necklace in support of the
 J. Rush Foundation.

Rush Against Time

Joan Rush honors her young daughter’s battle with CRC and how preventable her death could have been in the striking documentary Rush Against Time - Live in your Genes. The documentary wil be released this year.

Learn more about the JRush foundation here.