The September Issue

Cut + Clarity x St. Petersburg Free Clinic 

C+C founder Mariana Russo Chambers has been volunteering at the Clinic since April. Now, with the support of local activists voter registration is also available nearby.

At the start of the pandemic, the clinic swiftly innovated in order to serve our community
when they needed it most.

Why St. Petersburg Free Clinic:

• Over 83,000 served since March 2020 •

Give Back 9.9.20 - 10.9.20

Shop the Mini Name Collection with code VOTE2020 and give back 20% to Hunger Free
2020. This is our way to remind you to make your voting plans for November and shop
for a great cause.

What’s your 2020 voting plan?

“Asking people their voting plans makes them more likely to vote.
Let’s have these conversations with our family + community.”

C+C Founder Mariana Russo Chambers

Mariana Russo Chambers 

Cut + Clarity CEO | Founder

“I vote for all the immigrant children and their families that don’t have a voice.”

My voting plan: New York State Absentee Ballot.

Lizzie Desrosiers

Brand Manager | Evolve & Co

“I vote because I want to contribute to this country I live in - to pave the way for positive change and equality for all people. I want to be a part of the forward movement in America, especially as a woman and person of color."

Monica Brimm

WE HELP | Director

“As an African American woman in America, the privilege to vote was afforded to me last. My vote is intentional as a reminder that although my voice was not always wanted or allowed, it matters."

My voting plan: Florida State Mail in Ballot.

Amanda Rice

Brand Manager | Evolve & Co

“I vote to modernize the outdated laws of our nation and have more diverse representation throughout government so that future laws are truly made for the people BY the people."

My voting plan: Absentee as soon as I receive my ballot.

Tracy Weiss

Chick Mission | CCO

“The adage 'if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem' never applies more than it does in regard to voting. Casting your vote is using your voice. Using your voice means you're participating in the change you want to see in the world."

My voting plan: I will be voting early in person.

Katherine Craig Sterling

Cut + Clarity | Marketing + eComm Coordinator

“I vote for my generation + future generations. For those that don't have a voice."

My voting plan: Early in person - first time in Georgia!

Sher Castellano 

With Love + Food | Blogger 

“This particular election I'm voting to restore democracy and rightteousness."

My voting plan: I voting early and in person.

Kiara Marshall


“I vote because I want to help shape the future of our country. I want to see more people in positions of power that are diverse and progressive. I want to feel equal, safe and empowered in this country that I love. That is why I vote."

My voting plan: Voting in person

Madeline Torres


“I vote because my voice matters. This election could not be more important, especially at a time of such uncertainty and upheaval. I want radical, life-altering, culture-shifting change. I am voting because I've grown weary and I am looking towards the potential lifeline that elections and new voices can bring."

Sabrina Burda

RAC | Co-Founder

“I'm voting to be a part of the decision, for my family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, communities, and country. I am voting because it is a right that generations have struggled to win and preserve, and for the immigrant families (many others) who don't have that privilege."

My voting plan: New York Absentee Ballot 

Andrea Lopez

College Student

“As a second generation American, I vote for my family, my friends, those who don't get a voice in this election. Women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration policies, and more are all at stake and we have to vote and encourage other like never before. Be a productive member of society and VOTE."