her story

As an immigrant from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cut + Clarity founder Mariana Russo Chambers lives out passion and tradition in every aspect of her life. 

Growing up, Mariana observed her parents’ hard work and dedication to improving their lives and the world around them. These values have become a driving force in her life and career and are ingrained in the foundation of Cut + Clarity.

Over the last two decades Mariana has created jewelry collections for world-class brands and retailers. In 2017 as her family grew, so did Mariana’s desire to leave her daughter with a legacy she could be proud of. One that showcased her immigrant roots and the value immigrants create in local economies and throughout the country.

Mariana turned her passion to New York City’s Diamond District - 1 of the 5 largest diamond exchanges in the world and the culturally diverse microcosm, upheld by immigrant craftsmen. With love and dedication, Mariana has made it the purpose of Cut + Clarity to lift up the time-honored practices of craftsmanship, artistry and diversity.  

Cut + Clarity is a premier destination for customizable, fine jewelry, sustainably made in NYC.