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Just as the moon in the sky rules over the nighttime and all that hides there, so does your moon sign — it relates to the private, emotional and beneath-the-surface parts of your personality.

Although you may take things personally, your Moon in Aries also means that you deal with problems straight up. Your independent streak means that nothing is truly out of reach.

Those with Taurus Moons are some of the most emotionally stable people. You may be stubborn at times, but only because you see things differently than those around you. People love to be around you because you know how to relax and let your hair down.

With your Moon in Gemini, you have many facets to your life. You quickly get restless + even when you are relaxing your mind is coming up with new ideas. This makes you someone who can get along with almost all personalities as you'll have an easy time finding common ground.

Being sensitive comes naturally for a Cancer Moon. You tend to project + share your emotions without even using words to those around you. This sensitivity + emotions come in handy when you need to be creative or help others with their emotions.

With a Moon in Leo, you tend to be much more prideful than you seem and can sometimes lend to dramatics. Even though you have a large circle of friends, it may take time for you to truly let them in. You are fun to be around + people are continually drawn to you.

With your Moon in Virgo your childhood dictates your emotions into adulthood even more than other signs. This means you may be wary of change. However, you are also good at picking up on negative emotions or situations, making you the perfect person to help others get through their dark times.

The Libra Moon Sign is one that is fairly easy going. You are a great person to be around as you are not too complicated, but that doesn't necessarily extend to all aspects of your life. The spaces around you (your office, house…) are all meticulously kept + you thrive off of people telling you have good taste..

With your Moon in Scorpio you are extremely passionate. You are hyper aware of all around you and are a master of the "subtext". You are ultra sensitive to the moods and vibes around you and tend to bottle up your feelings.

Sagittarius Moons are fairly optimistic. You thrive in larger groups, even if you are not the center of attention. Your personality makes you someone who can cheer up the most upset of souls.

Similar to Sun Capricorns, your moon in Capricorn means you want to see success in all aspects of your life. Still, you struggle to balance that desire, + the desire for steadiness in your home life.

Aquarius Moons are great at bringing peace to those that are in desperate need of it. You are able to see the big picture in ways others cannot + this makes you a perfect confidant.

With your Moon in Pisces you very rarely feel calm in your mental state for extended periods. Part of this stems from the fact that you tend to absorb the emotions of those arounds you. Self-care may be hard for you, but is extremely necessary.

The Connecting Elements:
Solid 14K Yellow, Rose or White Gold
Available as a charm, on a necklace, bracelet or an earring
Perfect to stack with your Sun + Rising signs.

Designed + made with love in NYC
Custom Jewelry

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moon sign charm

moon sign charm