How do we build a jewelry collection that is timeless and classic but is also connected to you?   A very important part of building out your jewelry collection is asking yourself about the longevity of an item. It’s important to ask - is this piece timeless? Do you see this piece living with you for many years to come? Investing in a jewelry collection can be an intimidating process. We’re here to make it easy! 

the essentials

The perfect reflection of you - our name necklace is customizable. Put your name or a loved one’s, a motto, or your birth year.
Our custom bezel pieces are simple but essential. This staple necklace is perfect for everyday wear and is durable enough to last you a lifetime and then some!
The diamond eternity threader is perfect worn on its own for an understated elegance or layered for a statement stack.
It goes without saying that gold hoops are a good starter piece. Our mini solid gold hoops are also essential for your doubles piercing. Bonus: add a charm
These studs are light and comfortable enough for everyday wear - and trust us, once you put these on you won’t want to take them off.  

These pieces are high quality, but they also have a classic design. They won’t go out of style and will last you many years to come.