A cornerstone of sustainability is shopping for pieces that will go the distance. However, shopping sustainably isn’t just purchasing from ethical companies - it’s also keeping up with your items and viewing them as investment pieces. We exercise care in other aspects of our lives but have you ever thought about how we can take care of our jewelry?
Here are our best tips and tricks for jewelry upkeep. 
  1. Keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight - sun can alter the quality and color of gems. Extreme heat can warp or deteriorate your pieces. 
  2. Gold and silver pieces must be kept in dry and cool places. 
  3. Additionally, spending money to purchase a jewelry box will prove worthwhile. 

Each piece is composed of a different metal. Different metals require different upkeep, so we’ve broken it down. 
For gold pieces, mix a few drops of dish detergent with water. Depending on how dirty your jewelry pieces are, either soak them in water for 1 minute or gently scrub the pieces with a toothbrush. 
Never use harsh household cleaners on your diamonds because they can break down the base metals. Be especially wary, as well, of those who recommend cleaning your diamonds with toothpaste. Soap and water will do the job! Use a toothbrush and dish soap and gently clean once or twice a week. Additionally, look at consulting local jewelers once or twice a year to help clean your diamonds and to help return that initial shine. 
Soak the jewelry in 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water for 15-30 minutes. Lightly dry off with a towel and voila! 
General Care 
  • Try not to wear your jewelry wet. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming, showering, or working out. 
  • Don’t sleep in your jewelry (if you can help it!). It can harm or break your pieces as you move around in your sleep. 
  • Put your jewelry on first and take it off last.