Think about the important moments in life…a birth, a birthday, a graduation, or simply a moment that is special and private. Now, can you capture these moments in a way so that they can live forever AND be of value?
Often times jewelry is thought of as just a romantic gesture, something, a man gives a woman. In reality however, jewelry can be gifted to anyone, even to ourselves, for any occasion, especially milestone events. Its a boy! I quit my horrible job! Congrats Grad! Gold jewelry can help capture these moments for a lifetime. Investing in solid gold jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank and can be a forever gift and reminder of that great moment to be passed on from generation to generation. 
Let Cut + Clarity help you break the mold!! Let’s spend wisely and buy lasting, valuable gifts that will be a forever reminder of that special day. Check out some of the great gifts for special occasions.
Push Present
A push gift is what your significant other gets you for carrying an amazing human inside of you for nine months and then giving life to the baby by pushing it out, or via C-section. Though the reward of having your new bundle of joy is more than enough, who doesn't like a little spoiling, especially after you just created a new life. Jewelry is a wonderful way to express your gratitude to your significant other, whether it be a necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring, all of which become a keepsake as they are reminders of such a joyous and momentous time.
Is this your first bundle of joy, gift your significant other name necklaces like the Mini Name Necklace, so she can always have a keepsake. Is this number two? Show off both of your babies with the Double Name Necklace.
Commemorate An Accomplishment
Did you, or someone important to you recently complete or accomplish something amazing? A new job or a promotion, an engagement, completed a closing on a house, say congratulations with a timeless jewelry piece! What’s better than a truly customizable piece for a unique accomplishment. Something minimal but expressive can do the trick, try custom earrings like Mini Name Earrings, or a gold rings like the Mini Name Ring.
There’re special childhood moments that simply require a gift such as graduation. It may be from elementary school, middle school, high school, college, or graduate school, all of which are opportunities to say, “Great job!” Why not do so with a memorable piece of jewelry?
There are as well, other childhood accomplishments that are also good gift-giving opportunities. Such as a memorable first day, a first dance recital, first time your child has a starring role in a school play, or an academic or extracurricular accomplishments.
We mustn’t forget these accomplishments and milestones mean a lot to us parents as well. The Trinity Earrings are a great pair of gold earrings to start off with. Also, for a sweet personalized bracelet keepsake you can customize our Mini Name Bracelet to express your child.
Big birthdays
Birthday milestones are particularly appropriate to commemorate with jewelry. The beginning of a new decade, as well as the momentous ages of sixteen, eighteen, and twenty-one, can be the perfect time to splurge on quality jewelry. Incorporating the birthstone gem in the jewelry piece of choice to complement her style is always a plus. Keeping it simple with personalized jewelry, and Customize a piece all your own. Or if you’re looking for some extra bling check out the Classics.
Show Admiration
There are people in your everyday life who give a lot of themselves day in and out. They may volunteer, raise funds for a charity, or take care of a sick loved one. Make their day by gifting them with a token of your admiration. Doing so says, “I see all that you do, and you deserve something wonderful in return.” What shows a bigger boost of feminine power other than GRL PWR Earrings, and a Boobs Necklace a gold necklace for her.